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At the heart of our business is a quest to unearth the most authentic high quality spices. We travel deep into the heartland, where spices are found in their purest form. They are then sown and grown. The journey of spices from seed to shelf takes place under the watchful eye of experts and local farmers.

Each Rajah spice is carefully grown in the most ideal conditions. They are handpicked and harvested at just the right moment by practiced hands. Abu Raja Hounslow

Dried, cleaned, crushed, grounded, and sorted, each spice goes through a unique process most suited to them. Then the spices are tested by accredited food testing laboratories in UK and around the world to ensure they are safe for consumption and ready to eat even when they aren’t cooked. Once the spices meet the strict quality standards, they are packaged and placed on the shelf. Abu Raja Hounslow

So you can be rest assured that only the finest and purest of spices reach your masaledani (spice box) to recreate the taste of home.

source : Rajah Spices

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